Thursday, June 2, 2011

Defining Terrorism and Terrorists-No Justice for Islam?

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate

Where is justice for Islam? Do you call it Christian Terrorism?

· Millions of Native Americans were killed in North America by Protestant Christains and those who immigrated to America during the colonial period. No one called it as “Christian Terrorism”

· Millions of Latin American tribes were killed and civilizations were destroyed in South America by Spanish and Portuguese Christians. Anywhere stated as “Christian Terrorists Genocide Latin American tribes?”

· Thousands of Maori tribes were eradicated by British Christians the followers of Church. Was it known as a “Christian Terrorism”?

· A Million Aborigines in Australia were killed by British Christians, was that a “Christian Terrorism”?

· During the world wars Millions were killed across the world, That was not organized by Muslims or Islam. But were Christians and atheists (who accuse Islam for killing). Is that not Christian and atheist terrorism?

· Hiroshima and Nagasaki was bombed by USA, killing a million innocent people. Nobody called it as American-Christian Terrorism.

· During the partition of India, millions were killed in conflicts. Is that not Christian Terrorism?

· The AIDS virus spread in Africa was a sinister agenda to eradicate the black and to plunder the wealth in Dark Continent. Is that not terrorism?

· Holocaust were killed millions of Jews, in fact Millions of Jews were killed by Christian followers, even though Nazi was a political party.

Why not it is Islamic Terrorism?

The various terrorist groups around the world today, were once financed and supported by CIA to fight against Soviet Communist Russia and other Socialist Republics in Asia and Africa. When USSR collapsed in 1991, CIA stopped finance for these terrorist groups. After Soviet Russia many socialist republics find it hard to survive.

Who are fighting in the coming great war?. The war predicted in Islam, Bible and most other religions?. Are the main oppositions are Muslims and Islamic state?

No, never. The Armageddon is fought between the Christian nations. The Western Allies and Russian allies will fight each other. The Hypocrite Muslim republics will also join in it. And let me tell you to the people who accuse Islam for chaos. The real Islamic state is “Khilafat”. And Khilafat was abolished by these same allies in 1924. Since then, there have been no Islamic rule in this world. In Islamic state, one Khalifa(Sulthan) rules. Learn about Ottoman History and the Khilafat movements.

The rule of Islamic Khilafa is established on tolerance ,justice and peace. There had been no holocaust or world war during the time of Ottoman Sulthans. The Ottoman Sulthanate was the longest lasting dynasty in the world. The Christians invented democracy, nationalism and so on to conquer and enslave the world. Muslims, Christians and Jews were lived peacefully in the Sulthante.

You are aware of Crusade and other great war you fought. It is written in the History. We Muslims, with reference of the Holy Islamic Shari’a and the traditions of Islam, do not consider Osama Bil Laden or any other terrorists’ leader as representatives of Islam or we do not consider any present day states as Islamic states and they are representing Islam and Muslims. Because Islamic rule mean Caliphate . And Khilafat is in the hands of Ottoman Sulthans whose rule were abolished by Christian-Jew-Deviant Muslim sects -who are greedy for wealth and authority, especially the Arab desert tribes (Wahhabis).

Therefore I ask to give justice for Islam. Islam is innocent and free from all this accusation. I would like you to go through the books and traditions of Islam and to understand about Islamic ruling system-the Khilafat. And I suggest you to recognize Islamic Khilafa as the best ruling system, with reference to its history during each caliphate. I also suggest you to verify, what happened to the world since the Caliphate was abolished in1925.

I am saying, nationalism and democracy was brought as a strategy and sinister agenda to divide Muslim lands and to abolish Khilafat. When they succeeded in this, they were united under various organizations like NATO, European Union and controlling the world under “UN (United Nations). Verily the United Nations (UN) is the Caliphate of False Messiah (Anti-Christ). All Muslim and non-Muslim states following anti-Christ’s Caliphate. Every one accept the authority of this false Caliphate.

Anti-Christ and Terrorism

Are you in doubt that my words are wrong? Check your own bible and religious books. The real Messiah did not return to earth yet. Who is the one mentioned in Islamic traditions and bible, who will come to establish, peace and justice on earth and claim to be saviour last?. It is clearly mentioned that Imam Mahdi and Jesus (Peace be up on them) are the real saviour and in the end of the times they will come and unite this world with peace, justice and love. Since the United Nations creation, there is actually no peace in the world even though it’s constitution promising it. It is the false promise of false messiah. Now I am giving you the chance to learn about True Messiah and False Messiah. True Messiah did not come to earth to rule the world under one flag. False Messiah has established his ruling system through UN and various other organizations associated with.

Today, people are taking UN and its founder nations as saviours of the world. They are backed by the Satan worshippers. Illuminati-Free Masonry.

Until Imam Mahdi arrives and destroys the systems of Anti-Christ,the True Messiah (Jesus peace be up on him) will not arrive.

What you can do?

You dear Muslims, Christians and Jews, rather than accusing and abusing each other, stay united to welcome real saviour. Be patient, do not waste your time. You are not given power to destroy Anti-Christ and its systems. But you can protest peacefully. By following:

· Simple and natural life

· Loving and caring each other

· Forgiving the mistakes of your brothers and sister as you forgive yourself

· Eating naturally grown food

· Teaching moral education

· Abstaining from prohibited things by your religion

· Practising co-existence with people of different religion and race

· Preserving nature

· Leaving modern education

· Escape from City Life

I am not accusing Christianity or Judaism. I just took the above words; If Islam is taken to a court for judgement for the criminal offences done by its followers, then I will have to defend Islam the way I mentioned written above. I just made examples to make you understand, who are the real enemies of mankind!?. Satan is the only Enemy of the Sons of Adam (Peace be up on him).

Till you realize this thing and start to love your neighbour as you love yourself, your religion is not true.

Islam conquered the world with Love, Peace and Justice. And soon, after the end of false messiah, Islam will prevail on earth with its best form under the leadership of Imam Mahdi alaihissalam, and Esa (Jesus alaihissalam).

Let us wait with patience and prayer.

Learn about the Real Islamic State-Caliphate:

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