Saturday, July 9, 2011


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Yesterday After Juma Prayer, Some Wahhabis were distributing letters on "Campaign about Muslim Revival".
Without asking whether you are Wahhabi or not,he said me "salam"
Me: wa alaikumussalam

Wahhabi:Brother, You know today Muslims are in worst condition, we must follow Shari'a and establish Khilafat. Can you tell me If Prophet (Swalla Allahu alaihi wasallam) here in this time with us, what he will do?

Me: If Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) is here , He will not do anything without the permission of Allah. He will wait patiently until the order of Allah come. What you are doing here?, Whose permission you took for this campaign and this leaf letter, who authorize you?
No one in the religion of Allah speak without authorization.

Wahhabi:(he started arguing)

Me:The reason today Islam and Muslims are in this worst condition is because, they left the Shari'a. No country following the Shari'a.
I refer the Shari'a as the whole command of Allah. Including establishing Khilafat and Obeying those who are in Authority amongst you (Ulool Amru)
Who is your leader from Ulool Amru, who are you following?

Wahhabi: I am following Sahaba

Me:Sahaba, ok show me a Sahaba who is among you charged with authority by Allah.

Wahhabi: (Arguing again)

Me:Muslims were best generations in the first generations of Predecessors and Successors(Salafs and Khalafs) all of them were Madhab following Sufis.
But today when there are many Universities and Colleges,thousands of self proclaimed scholars and millions of Books are there,yet Prophet alaihiswalathu wa salam called this end of the times-the time of IT and Information Age as a Second Jahiliyya (time of ignorance) period. Everyone Speak about the external deeds like Salah,Fasting, Hajj as they like.
No Scholars taking Ijazah (Permission) and no one have a chain of succession which connect them with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be up on him). The biggest worship is worship of Ego,the Hidden Shirk is to preach without Permission (Ijazah). So do not expect as you think, Prophet will come and do whatever as he like!.

Wahhabi:What is Tauheed?

Me:Tauheed, what you understand of Tauheed?

Wahhabi: you tell me, what you know about Tauheed

Me: La Ilaha Illa Allahu Muhammadu Rasoolullah. La Ilaha Illa Allahu is explained in Sura Ikhlas, Ayah al Kursiyy (Sura Al Bakara), Muhammadu Rasoolu Allahi is explained in "Amana rasool (2:285) and how to witness tauheed is explained in Sura Al Imraan in the verse: "Shahida Allahu Annahu".
Which again is mentioned in the vesre "Wa athi 'ullah wa athi'u Rasool wa Ulool amri minkum"
So from the Ulool Amru-those who charged with authority amongst you" are those from whom you must take Tauheed and accept Islam,we call it bayat in Tarikat and they are the Awliya Allah and without following them ,Islam is not complete. Because it is the order of Allah on 4:52 of Quran.
This verse about Uloom amru must read along with 2:285 verse: Sami'ana wa ata'ana(we have listened we have obeyed-Obey Allah Obey Rasool and Obey those who are charged with authority amongst you. That is "La Nufarriqu Baina Ahadin(2:285), we do not discriminate among them.“Beware, verily on the friends of Allah, there is no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
(Surah Yunus, Verse 62)
Only they have the guidance, becoz they are the people only in constant piety (Tawa), so you must take religion from them.

Wahhabi: Ulool Amru are political Leaders and Scholars

Me:Not really, Ulool Amru are Awliya Allah, there is no Muslim political leaders today. There are illegitimate scholars.How many Prophets were Rulers? Hardly a Few Prophets ruled and being in politics.
Are you Wahhabi?

Wahhabi:no,I am ahlu sunna wal Jamah

Me:tell me their names

Wahhabi: (he said some names of his leaders, I did not recognize that names, he never mentioned Imams of Madhab or Aqeedha)

Me: All Imams of the past were madhab following Sufis, and without Ihasaan-Sufism,religion is not complete, Allah does not value this world at all. so he did not bring here politics. What politics is that when he appointed a Khalifa on earth?. He created men and jinn to worship HIM alone. It is not to play with politics.And there are no Islamic Politics today. The Scholars of Ulool amru Must be Awliya Allah and those who authorized by them and they must have spiritual lineage to Prophet (Silsila).
(Some Dawate Islami brothers came in between and they said me, they are Wahhabis and the ahlu sunna scholars have answered them, so just leave them)

Wahhabi:Brother, we will talk again and will explain you the Truth

Me:Truth?, What is Truth, do you really know the Truth?

Wahhabi: you are again changing the topic

Me:No, I am not. Truth is only ALLAH,for widely: La Ilaha Illa Allahu Muhammadu Rasoolullah. And the above is the method of seeking the Truth.
All are opinions, the opinions of those who sought Truth and reached in Truth,follow them. We have 4 opinions (Madhab) in Shari'a, 2 opinions in Aqeedha and more than 40 opinions in Tasawwuf.

But Truth remains one, that is ALLAH. So do not try to preach me your false understanding about the Truth..All the best.
Alhamdulllah there it end

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