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Answers to a Christian Brother

Is Bible really Word of God?
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Below are the asnwers to a Christain Brother, who blocked me and deleted all this posts from his wall, after asking this questions.
Everyone do sins, and Go forfgives and the best sinners are those whp repent to Allah.
By the way The name of God in Arabic Bible is "ALLAH", if you have doubt look at an Arabic Bible, which verses are written "La Ilaha Illa Allahu"-The God Your Lord is One GOD (BIBLE)
What about those who lived before Jesus? ,are their sins forgiven?
God should have send his son first of all. Son stayed with followers only 3 years, was any other scriptures mentions Jesus is God?
Jews waiting for 2 Prophets Messiah (jesus) and Last Prophet.
But Jesus came and last Prophet also came. Torah saying two Prophets has to come after Moses.
2:285. The Messenger believeth in what hath been revealed to him from his Lord, as
do the men of faith. Each one [of them] believeth in Allah, His angels, His books, and His messengers. "We make no distinction [they say] between one and another of His messengers." And they say: "We hear, and we obey: [We seek] Thy forgiveness, our Lord, and to Thee is the end of all journeys."
If Holy spirit (spirit of the truth) was just a spirit (if not Prophet Muhammad) was there Duality (father and holy spirit)mentioned in previous books?
If no then God Created Holy spirit along with Jesus?, Can Holy spirit be a son of God?
Why Only Trinity since the time of Bible?
Duality should have been propagated in old scriptures before bible and people would have been worshipped Father and Holy Spirit in old generations before christ,right?
If that did not mentioned in old testament and books, please tell, why such an important part of trinity, that is father and holyspirit did not mention in old testament or previous books before bible :D? and no one believed and written worshipped duality? as your church today worship trinity? :D
Please answer for my questions :D
you are repeating same thing. if Jesus is really God, at least on of the Books before Bible should have mention his name directly as God.Like"I am God, My Son will come,he is also God and Holy Spirit will come, HE is also God" this is never mentioned in any holy Books before Bible!
Trinity is a Pagan ideology came from convert Romans into Christianity as there were many greek roman mythology gods. It came to Christianity as well.
Show me a proof fro one any Holy Books before Bible that Jesus is God?
Also see what Jesus says in Bible: A Disciple asked when is Judgment day, Jesus replied only Father knows about it".
If Father,Son and Holy Spirit are same God, then Jesus would know when Last day, but he said only Father know. Not even Holy Spirit know when is last day!
So now if you say, there are three diffefernt Gods like Father God, Son God and Holy Spirit God, then what is the difference between Christianity and Paganism? :D
Trinity in Hinduism and Trinity in Christianity have lot similarities
I am reading what you writing, stop guessing a lot :D
God asked all angels to bow infront of adam, but did not see in any holy Books that Jesus is son of God and we must bow him and worship him.
|Show me a verse from Bible, Jesus saying I am God and worship me?"
But he called himself, as son of Man, never called son of God :D
What is the meaning of "Man" in your language?
Is that a noun for Male?< if yes who is father of Jesus?
If Father of Jesus is God, then is God is another man?
Or If Father of Jesus as he calls Himself Son of Man, then who is that man in Heavens?
That is non But Prophet Muhammad (the spirit of the truth) who come after Jesus to guide people and to lead them in all Truth, as Jesus has to Go back to Father for the spirit of the Truth to come, If I do not Go the spirit of the Truth will not come (Bible).
If it is not Muhammad, then you must worship and praise Holy Spirit than jesus as Jesus gone, Holy spirit come. And Holy Spirit guide you in all truths, why do not you worship and respect Holy Spriit leass than jesus?, and Holy Spirit should be prominent deity in Christianity as Holy Spirit guiding them more than Jesus did since the end of the period of Jesus and English Calender is 2011 now. So who is more worthy to be worshipped?, A few years guided Jesus or 2011 years+ guided Holy Spirit?
As jesus lived only a few years with followers, and Holy Sprit came, you should show more Justice to Holy Spirit and worship Holy Spriit,praise Holy Spirit than Jesus, why you not doing that?
Even Bible hardly mention Holy Spirit, why?, Bibile mention about Jeus (Son of man)and father, not much Holy Spirit.
So after Jesus,Holy Spirit is in charge, and and why you not mention Holy Spirit much? :D
Is Bibile really=Words of G0d?
I do not believe Bibile is word of God or whole the Bibile is the word of Jesus. It was written by some men long after the period of Jesus (Peace be up on him)
Same King James version Gospel of Mathew Says: {10:34}
Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not
to send peace, but a sword. {10:35} For I am come to set a
man at variance against his father, and the daughter against
her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in
Is this God really do through Bible?
Islam never preached this kind of extremism through it's Holy Book or any other related traditional hadith books. Islam only teachers responsibility to parents,brothers,spouses,children in laws etc.
Words of God must be Holy,Moral,and Justice. This are the basic qualities of the word of God.
Is Bible preaching violence and killing?, or Jesus came to lead war? :D
The above is also from same King James version :D, please answer :D
why you judge my smile? :), smile is regarded as charity in islam :)
Anyway please answer my questions :).
all Good deeds are a charity,even to smile to your brother (hadith)
One more Question: In Bible it says, Jesus cried to God and said: "Oh God why You forsaken me"
Was Jesus thought that God has abandoned (left) him?
If Jesus was really God, and if He was crucified in Cross, then why he cried like this?
"Iloheem ma shabakatha"< Oh God why You forsaken me?
So who is that God which Jesus calling and crying to?
Is that God is Powerful than God Jesus?
why you getting angry?, If you are really a good Christian/follower of Jesus then you should answer my question logically rather than arguing and getting angry with me :D.
If Christian means to follow Jesus, then you must know that I am best Christian than you.
We keep beard like Jesus did
We circumcise forskin like Jesus did
Our WOmen keep themselves covered like Jesus's female students did.
Muslims are real Christains, if it means to follow Jesus Christ. And Prophet Muhammad is the real successor of Jesus Christ who implemented life style of Jesus in an ignorant Arab society and later whole world :D
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
Matthew 5:5
For 1400 Years Muslims inherited the Earth, if the earth really mean the Holy Lands :D
Ottomans ruled 700 years with the flag of Prophet Muhammad.
None who rise the flag of Christianity ruled there, and now Jews ruling Holy Lands by Killing Palestine people. All crusade wars defeated one by one.
So who are the blessed meek :D?
MY Righteous servants will inherit earth (Quran)
Finally The Questioner have blocked me from his profile :D, but i saved his profile link here!, Naughty Boy :D
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