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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.
When my heart asked me to define Sufism, I did not have nay words.A sister asked me what is really Sufism?, She is a revert Muslima.Masha ALLAH, I could giver her a wonderful definition. She heard that Sufism is full of shirk and bid'ah from Wahhabis.
I told her Sufism is exactly opposite, Sufism is the total absence of shirk and bid'ah and complete presence of Quran,Sunnah and what is up on the method of Shari'ah.
Then she told me that, she is a new Muslim for a few years and can't in take a lot. then the definition came in inspiration:
"Sufism is to purify your heart from everything except Allah"

When I later analysed what came to my mind then I realized that This is the perfect state of tauheed.
People may ask, why heart can't be with other good things. But the simple answer is food is good in certain days, when food spoil it may make the bowl also dirty. Everything must go from us, except ALLAH.
The state of Oneness (Wahdath al Wujud)

Poor Christians misunderstood "Oneness of truth"

and they misinterpreted Wahdath Al Wujud-Oneness of the Existence and brought trinity.
They say: "Father is God, but father is not Son and Holy Spirit, Son is God but Son is not father or holy spirit, Holy Spirit is God, but Holy Spirit is not father or son".
But there are many saints who were highest in spirituality realized "Oneness of the Truth".
Truth (Al Haqq) is an attribute of God. Al Bistami, Mansoor Hallaj (Peace be up on them) also openly said "I am the truth (anal Haqq) as said in Bible: "I am the way I am the light I am the truth, no one come to father but my me"

So we Muslims do not make trinity and we do not worship Prophets and saints.
We do not say: Al Hallaj is God, but He is not Holy Spirit or not Allah, we do not say Bistami is God but not Hallaj or Allah. We do say only ALLAH is God and no one else".

Therefore Sufism is to purify heart from everything else, except ALLAH.

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