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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim. As salam alaikum. 

I am really sad for your website, which previously was speaking good of Maulana Shaykh Nazim, and was calling people to think two times before criticizing a noble shaykh of Ahlus Sunnah such as him, as now I see that you lost the sense of adab with him and have joined hand with people speaking ill of a man that has always stood up for Haqq based on purely personal views of him that have no basis at all on the matter of his Highness the King Abdullah II of Jordan.

What people do not understand when it comes to announcing His Highness King Abdullah II as future Caliph insha'Allah is that such proclamation does not entail endorsing every single act of the person much less of other people around him, close to him or before him. 

A lack of sense of history, of our own history, and of the subtle and complex nature of things when it comes to a change in the world of society and politics is evident when people dare to judge these things with very short-sighted miopia. 

Look at the story of how many sultans in our history received blessings from awliya or awliya predicted about them: he will have success in military conquests, yet in initial stages as human beings and not awliya themselves the leaders of mu'minun may show certain things that would not conform entirely to what we would like to expect. 

People thinking like that also do not understand that a certain leader may be supported by awliya taking on account the needs of the people and the status of the people, that is, on behalf of a majority of believers even if awliya themselves may see something in the leader that in time insha'Allah, and they know much better knowledge than us, will change to a more regular situation. 

Many are the cases of big leaders that underwent a surprising change in time due precisely to the duas of awliya supporting their mission on behalf of the needs of believers. As people of tasawwuf, do we not know that awliya are capable of tawajjuh? They just need permission, and we seek refuge against speaking bad against someone that in future may be such a one, as we indeed expect, that our mouths should better remain closed before speaking against him.

And when we say that we kiss the hands and feet of a leader, we do it in these times in order to dignify the position, the function, the assignment to be performed in the future for such person, as nowadays we need something to struck on our heads so that we may awaken to the fact that yes, we do indeed need a caliph and caliphate in itself is something of high value, beyond few personal temporal circumstances. 

We all know what the West wants regarding Islam, what the nature of Nato, White House and western powers are, we do not endorse the Amman Message. 

How do we -his murids- know it? 

By Maulana Shaykh Nazim's clear and brave stance for Haqq regardless of people liking it or not. 

He is such a one to speak Haqq clearly, as clearly as no other shaykh in tariqa is doing now. His words are enough. Yet Maulana himself is looking at a bigger picture, with much higher knowledge than ordinary ulama and shaykhs, and surprises come to us as indeed Allah has veiled the position of the future caliph in a way that yes, it will come as a surprise, it needs may be to came as a surprise in order to fool the enemies of Islam that currently may think that they have everything under their control. Yet Allah is the ultimate planner of things and no one can defeat His decree. 

Have we not heard the hadith of Mahdi himself (as) making a peace treaty with a portion of Christian nations against other nations in an initial stage? At a later stage, he defeats both of them. Reflect on it.

Then why we wonder too much about political circumstances in the case of the Hashemite Kingdom? Has Maulana Shaykh Nazim endorsed the rebellion against the ottoman caliphate? No. On the contrary, he has always spoken in the best terms of the Ottoman Caliphate. Yet history continues and Allah is capable in His decree to whatever Allah wishes.

Are we completely unable to think with more realistic and far-sight view on this issue? For example, thinking that such a radical change as it is to come back the caliphate prior to Mahdi (as) it may come in stages and, at the same time, in unexpected ways, in a way that will be unexpected by the enemies of Islam? 

Why the suspicion? We just need to look at how clearly and bravely and wisely and truly has Hazrat Maulana Shaykh Nazim (qs) always been speaking throughout the years denouncing and unmasking all the treats and traps that the West wants to use to fool the Ummah. No one like him in this. No one like him when reminding also to the rulers of today Muslim countries about their duties and Sharia, and the evil of democracy and United Nations and to trust only in Allah and not in the West. 

His words are clear, his position is clear and just a foolish person may think otherwise. We stand by Haqq and for the sake of Haqq we receive the news the proclamation of our future caliph insha'Allah with expectancy and our best intention, and our duas, as those who have a better knowledge have spoken about it and we need a khaliph to defeat the enemies of Haqq. And it if for the sake of the armies of Haqq and our trust in our unparalleled saintly Grandshaykh Maulana Nazim al Haqqani (qs) that we say: I give bayat!

Is it not obligatory to obey the Caliph? What kind of Muslims are we that completely absorbed by the western disdain for royalty and western democratic prejudice against obedience to the ruler may we dare to abstain from giving support to that key to the army of Haqq? The Caliph does not give orders in aqidah nor in fiqh issues, and his position is in itself valuable as a position and as a tool for the armies of Haqq that will gradually rise insha’Allah. 

We are neither shias nor salafist takfirists and also not kawarijis to reject obedience to a Caliph based on personal things (that anyway we judge based on low understanding) and we are fully well aware of the borders and area and nature of the function of a caliph. And we know what a muslim caliphate has to be in order to be fully established in accordance to rules of Islam. Our shaykhs teach us clearly what is halal and what is haram and we also know that Mahdi (as) is coming and no one can change what Islam is.

We have heard of the big and accepted saying, too, that states that a Caliph –in his function, in the value of itself regarding the strength of the Ummah- is the shadow of Allah on the earth. 

Let us join our hands in turning to Allah to show gratitude for the news and in duas for supporting what is to come and in having no fear of truth, and having no fear to trust in such a brilliant and unparalleled servant of Allah and defender of Haqq as Maulana Shaykh, may Allah grant him more and more and give us real humility.

If you are not able to consider things under these considerations, then acknowledge at least that there is nothing wrong on it refrain your mouths against attacking a wali of Allah.

It does not give you honor, and it may damage greatly the blessings that your shaykhs has received.

The minimun thing when considering this things as explained, is at least to abstain.

Otherwise, you will just speak out of ego and thinking that your knowledge is the highest one, yet above every knower may always be someone who knows more.

Don't act neither with pride nor with ignorance. Do not fall in the traps of shaytan, you that say that you are defending unity of Ahlus Sunnah.

Check thye following, in case you have not heard Hazrat Shaykh Nazim's teachings more clearly on these issues, it is just a grain to show you how much you are misjudging him and how fault you have by not reexamining your position.

You can check all the entries here:

Do not join out of ignorance or pride to the side of those attacking a noble servant of Allah, as every action of this kind always has an effect.

As you have gone in public in your attack, and you are called now to think better and to understand better, I am publishing this letter written to you, hoping that the crime of attacking and debasing a pious and extraodinary shaykh ceases. Otherwise, be warned, this crime will not go undetected by the love of Allah for such a person. 

As salam alaikum


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