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Can I do Zikr without the "Bayah-Allegiance" to a "Sheikh" and without his Permission (Ijazah)

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Asswalathu wa Salamu alaika Ayyuha Nabiyyu wa Rahmathu Allahi wa Barakathu hu Assalamu alaina wa Ala'a Ibadillahi Swaliheen.

I recently have gone through an Indan Sufi Muslims blog posted in "Malayalam" language.And the translations are posted here in English, with my best possible English.

If I am errored may Allah forgive me and please help me to correct..Ameen.

Zikr Without A Shaykh is Not Accepted?

For the Question:

"Why I can't do Zikr myself without a Shaykh and an Ijazah (Permission)?

The Answer is given in the Book: Khala'itdul Jawahir:182

"من يذكر الله تعالي بلا شيخ لا الله حصل له ولا نبيه ولا شيخه "

"Whoever do Zikr without a Shaykh,as well as he has no Shaykh,he will not get Allah and he will not get Allah's Beloved Rasool (alaihiswalathu wa salam)"Khala'itdul Jawahir:182

The great venerable Shafi'e Fiqh Scholar from Malabar region of South India, "Shaykh Nazinuddin Maqdum-1 (radiyallahu Anhu) who was a worldwide renowned scholar in Shafi Madhab is saying about the importance of having a Shaykh and Ijazah(permission) and the Adab (Discipline) of doing Zikr and Dua, in His Book "Adkiya"

ثم اشتغل بالورد لا تتكلمن مستقبلا ومراقبا ومهلّلا

بطريقة معهودة لمشائخ لتري به نارا ونورا حاصلا

فيضئ وجه القلب بالنور الجلي ويصيرمذموم الطبائع زائلا

هداية الاذكياء

"Then you turn towards Qibla and sit in the Meditation (Muraqaba) and recite "Tahleel" and hard work with the Zik (Wird-The Regular Zikr), you got from the Shaykhs of the well known tarikat, Do not talk,Then you will find the light(Noor) and warmthness (relief) in you and your heart will shine through the removal of dirty charecters and habits in you" (Adkiya).

Shaykh Zainuddin Maqdoom (radiyallahu anhu) teaching that your zikr Must be according to the Ways of the Shaykhs of the Tasawwuf.

Imam Swawi (Radiyallahu Anhu) says:

من هنا انّ الذاكر لا ينتفع بالذكر ولا ينور باطنه الا اذاكان الشيخ عارفا اذنه في ذالك و الذاكر مشتاقا -حاشية الصاوي"

"If anyone want to benefit from the Zikr he is doing and to purify the heart with light (Noor), then he must take the permission (ijazah) of a spiritual knower of Allah (Shaykh Arif billah) and should do Zikr with most sincere way".SWAVI-1:224

So that, the Question "Is it not enough to Do Zikr without a Shaykh?" is not right!

"Those who do not have a Shaykh, their Shaykh is Satan"-Saying of Sulthanul Awliya Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani (Qaddasallahu Sirrahul Azeez)


Forgive me for poor English translation

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